Sunday, May 20, 2012

Global Warming

Just a few minutes back my mom came to me and asked whether I would sleep or not.But I replied her that there is lot work for me on the net you go and take a nap.She agreed and went away.As I started blogging I experienced some kind of abnormal thing going on around in my room.When I came out of my room I got a flashing light into my eyes.It is nothing but the scorching sun.Today in Andhra Pradesh the temperatures are hiking to the sky.At present the temperature is about 40 degree centigrade.Many people were dying due to the heat stroke.Even my father faced its attack.but he recovered soon as we were all there to help him.But what about the poor people ? Who will take care of them.Coming to the point,today the situation is in great danger.Trees are being cut indiscriminately.Female babies were being killed ruthlessly.There should be a need to stop such violence.

The main reason to write this post is that today the world is facing a severe threat called global warming.It is a huge monster which is eating up the earth and heating its inner core.The harmful gases which resides in our atmosphere are also helping this monster to eat our earth.Generally those gases are released into the atmosphere by us, the HUMANS. So we are helping this monster to eat away the earth.

We should not do such injustice to our mother earth.We should protect our earth from the monster.

The readers who were reading this thinks that it is also a some type of message.But this is not a message this is an order by the god.Everyone knew this order but we will forget about that order.It is natural for every human to forget.But this order should not be forget by us.There is a small video clip about the problems of global warming

I think we should protect our earth.The following points are some of the preventive measures of global warming :-
  1. Go for an e bill instead of an paper bill.
  2. Wash your hands ( by not using the soap or other) near plants or trees so that they receive water.
  3. Create awareness programs among the people because most of them are unaware of global warming.
  4. Use social network sites for promoting awareness.
  5. Create valuable messages and quotes to bring change in the hearts of the people.
  6. Create blogs for promoting the awareness programs.
  7. Reduce the use of fuel.Use bicycles instead of power vehicles for medium distances.
  8. Maintain ecological balance by planting trees. A CHILD --- A TREE . Work on this concept.
  9. Do not dig the soil too much.Because digging the soil to maximum extent leads to the imbalance of underground water levels.
    10.     The main important thing please follow the above measures
So please my dear friends and readers Help our MOTHER EARTH AND SAVE OUR NEXT GENERATION'S FUTURE.

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