Saturday, May 19, 2012

FACEBOOK --- The Social Networking Site

                        Today Facebook is the number 1 social networking site.Many of the members who use it are of the age group between 15 to 50 years.The most interesting thing is that the old people are also preferring to chat on facebook.It has become a part in our daily life.Today many people think that facebook is causing an immense harm to the society as well as to the interpersonal relationships.But it is not correct .According to my view any social networking sites that are playing key role in our life must be used in a harmless way.Today these sites are helping many disabled persons to carry out their treatment by providing them sufficient funds.Many good organizations use facebook or others to help the poor and needy people.

                     But there are some disadvantages in them.Many people use it as a net to capture young women and teenage girls.Some people might hack others accounts and publish abusive posts in the name of others.This brings a bad name to the particular user.So we should be aware of that.Some people are also getting addicted to it very much.This is leading to the disturbances in their married life and imbalances in the student's life.Recently a women being severely addicted to facebook left her child without givinng food.That resulted in the death of the child.

                      So I believe that we should encourage these sites to a certain limit.They are laid just for our entertainment but they are not the only life.So please my dear people , please control this virtual disease.

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