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Adsense Tips For Bloggers

Adsense by Google is the most widely use Make Money Online program. Some make thousands while other stay empty handed. I used to have Adsense based websites and a few of them are still existing earning me few dollars every day. And that too without any effort room my side. Great isn’t it. Though I have moved to other things, Adsense can still prove a great tool to someone who is new to Make Money Online field.
Here are some Adsense related tips to remember for all the new comers and excerpts alike. They might look very easy to begin with but you will realize, inspite of that very few people apply them. So go over them and improve your Adsense Earnings.

adsense tips 10 Google Adsense Tips for Bloggers and Website Owners

Ignore High Paying Keywords

This is the first thing I would say you to note down. The big Adsense Money Makers are not the one making $3 per click, 4 clicks a day. But rather they are the one doing $0.2 per click 100 clicks a day. So avoid the Gold Rush behind high adsense paying keywords and rather concentrate on low paying ones which have much less competition.

More is better… for Content

Believe me, Google is very partial. They show the door open to everybody but they are partial for sites which are bigger and having more content. So instead of making 4 website with 10 pages of content, rather make one website with four different categories.

Balance Content and Ads above the Fold

Avoid what some Marketers calls “In-your-face-ads” and rather maintain a fair balance of Content and Ads above the fold. A rough estimate of 70% area for Content and 30% area for Ads would do perfect. But then again it depends on the Domain Area also.

Use Smart Ad Placement

Place Link Ads near the Navigation Menu. Use Block Ads near the Featured Article. Use Link Ads in your Sidebar. Use Vertical Ladder Ads in the Sidebar. Use Short Banner Image Ads near the Comments section of your Blog. – What I have done here is placed an Ad that fit the given section of the Website. Although avoid Ads directly below the Title Line and Image and Google seems to penalize such actions.

PLR works as long as they are mixed with Original Content

PLR or content freely available on the Internet for publishing without any credit can be used in your Website running for Adsense. Google does not penalize you for that as long as you mix it up well with Original Content. I cannot confirm an exact ratio per se, but a 60% PLR and 40% Original would be a fair estimate. But then avoid PLR are too much repetitive and pops everywhere on the Internet. So, this cut down your task of adding Content into half. Now you can allocate time to write more quality post.

Grey Hat Methods works… but in the Short Term only

Grey Hat methods are nothing but testing the Google Algorithm and exploiting it to gain more share of Google Traffic. These methods works but only until Google Changes its Algorithm, which is more frequent now-a-days.

Blend your Ads or Lose Money Potential

Nothing new here. Google give you an opportunity to blend your Ad’s Color Scheme to match your Website. Make use of it, especially the color denoted for the Hyperlinks on your site and your Ads. Avoid High Contrast Ad Color Scheme as they will stand out in the visitor’s eye and pretty soon you will have a case of Ad Blindness.

The Magic of Color Blue

Internet users are used to click Blue Color link as Hyperlink. So it is advisable if you have your website and Ads’s Hyperlink as Blue. It has more to do with how mind thinks and learns a process by associating it with some memory. So a color test done on people would yield BLUE as the more likable color for Hyperlinks. So why not stick with it. It works better if your Background is White to go with.

Search Engine Optimization

Finally the SEO thing. Never stop optimizing your site. It’s a cut throat competition. Google has its say and that will decide the fate of your Blog. To compete for higher SERPS, you have to make sure you keep utilizing Onsite and Offsite SEO techniques.

Try Ad Targeting

This is a good method to dictate what Ads would come up in the block you have put up on the website. This works better when you have an Ad block between two paragraphs. Now the key is to use both the paragraphs and sprinkle few keywords for which the Ads you want to appear. Remember to not put too many keywords else it will harm your site.
There you have 10 useful tips. Hope that helps. Have a nice Day..!!
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Aufbau principle and Hund's Rule

In the independent-particle model (i.e., the all-electron wave function is written as a Slater determinant) we have in general more spin orbitals than we have electrons. This means that we have to make a choice with which orbitals to construct the wave function. The choice is not difficult, but the procedure is often presented in separated parts, dealing with different cases. Here these parts are put together.
We use the Aufbau principle and Hund's rules to make the choice. The Aufbau principle says that you should look at the orbital energies, and take the orbitals with the lowest energies. In almost all cases this is the only rule you need. Suppose you have (spatial) orbitals with increasing energies e0, e1, e2, e3, ..., and you have six electrons. Then you can put two electrons in the orbitals with energies e0, e1, and e2 each. The orbital diagram looks as follows

Application Aufbau principle

The Aufbau principle does not suffice if the highest level in which you put electrons is degenerate and there are various ways to distribute the electrons. There is not problem with one electron in a highest non-empty degenerate level. All possibilities for this one electron yield the same energy, so there is no preference. The same holds if the level would be completely occupied if one extra electron would be added. (The level then has one hole). Hund's rules (sometimes also collective called Hund's rule) tell what to do if there are at least two electrons and at least two holes. Hund's first rule says that one should distribute the electrons as much as possible over the spatial orbitals. The reason is that in this way the electrons stay away from each other as much as possible thus reducing their repulsion. Hund's second rule says that unpaired electrons should be given the same spin. In this way the exchange interaction is maximized. As this interaction has a negative sign in the Fock operator and the expression for the electronic energy, this reduces the energy. The following diagram shows how to apply all three rules.

Application Hund's rules