Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Top 10 Tips For Travelling Around The World

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You’re not just looking for a vacation, you’re looking for a trip that will change your life and challenge your reality. It’s not a business trip, a family adventure or a romantic weekend.
It’s trekking around the world for as long as you can carry a pack on your back, and we love the idea.
Before you set out on your journey, however long, arm yourself with the essential know-how.
Pick a place, any place. The first thing you need to do when searching for flights around the world is to make a list of all destinations you want to visit. Start by continent and then narrow it down to country, city, town and so forth. Move geographically in order.
The simplest itineraries are the cheapest. Basic trips keep costs down. Adding in the likes of South America or India will up the price, and you'll need to factor in the cost of travel insurance, transport, visas and, oh yes, food and accommodation.
Time it just right. To snag the best bargain, plan your trip for between mid-April and the end of June, which is the cheapest time to take off. The most expensive times to fly away on your round the world adventure are high summer and during winter holidays.
Build your own itinerary. Star Alliance is another prominent airline network that has extensive coverage. Its airlines (Air Canada, Air China and Air New Zealand to name just three) fly a total of 21,000 flights per day to 1,160 airports in 181 countries. It has a Book-and-Fly tool that helps travelers to build their own itineraries, however complex.
Weigh the cost. Using low-cost carriers to plan your round-the-world jaunt might net you some savings but make sure your travel insurance policy is watertight. Remember that pesky Icelandic volcanic ash cloud?
Look for combination tickets through an airline’s route network. For example, Qantas lets you choose from one of its combinations that usually includes up to six routes. One possible itinerary is: London Heathrow - Bangkok - Sydney - Cairns - Queenstown surface Auckland - Fiji or Hawaii - LA surface San Francisco - UK (or vice versa).
Airline alliances help you go global. Oneworld offers two packages - the oneworld Explorer, which offers travel to at least three oneworld continents and the Global Explorer, which allows round-the-worlders to choose which tier they wish to buy (up to 26,000 miles or up to 39,000 miles).
Read the fine print on your travel insurance. Check your coverage carefully to make sure it includes everything you need it to. Five bungee jumps in Queenstown,New Zealand? Medical evacuation? Life insurance? Dental?
Make a great comeback. Several airlines will only allow the return booking for 11 months ahead despite the ticket being valid for 12, so book a date anyway, and change it locally if you need to.
Watch your back. Health and safety issues are no-brainers, but can change or become complicated each time you switch locations. Five things to consider in each place are:
- Food safety (where can you eat raw fruit and veggies?)
- Personal security (are you sure you want to stay in that neighborhood?)
- Belongings (keep cash, documents and first-aid handy)
- Disease (keep up with hygiene and medications)
- Rest (don’t overdo it)
Starting with a safe and healthy foundation is the rock of a worldwide journey.

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