Wednesday, May 18, 2011

How To Import Contacts From Facebook To Gmail

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Recently, Yahoo announced Facebook Connect integration, which is a step that aims at importing all your contacts on Facebook, to your Yahoo mail address book. Since, Facebook doesn’t allow importing all your contacts in a CSV format, this indeed is a great step that would enable you to catch up with your buddies on Facebook, via email. Along with Facebook, Yahoo also allows you to import your Windows Live contacts.
To get all your Facebook contacts to your Yahoo mail, you have to follow following steps.

1. Go to the Contacts tabs besides Mail tab on your Yahoo Mail interface.
2. Down there, you’ll see Popular Tools. Select “Import your contacts from other accounts to Yahoo”

3. Click on Facebook.
4. Yahoo will authorize your account. Click Allow when an application access dialogue box pops up.
5. After that, your import process will begin.

6. That’s it. All your Facebook buddies are in your email address book now.

How To Get The Imported Address To Gmail

Since Gmail doesn’t support this thing directly, you have to follow an indirect route. After you’ve successfully imported all your Facebook contacts to your Yahoo Mail, just export your address book in a CSV fomat.
1. On your accounts tab in Yahoo Mail, click Export
2. Select the third option, which is Yahoo! CSV
3. A file will be downloaded, containing all the imported addresses in CSV format.
4. Now, open Gmail and click on Contacts tab

5. Upload the CSV file downloaded form Yahoo Mail and all your Facebook contacts will be there in your Gmail address book.
Bonus Tip : Since all your Facebook buddies are now in your Gmail contact list, you can find all of them on Google Buzz!

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