Thursday, May 12, 2011

Specifications of Mercedes Intercity Coach

Body Structure
Passenger door Standard - Inswing pneumatic
Seats 45 reclining seats with 2 point seat belts on 5 seats (4 front row+1 middle seat last row) with armrests on either side.
Seats Rear Magazine net , grab handle and bottle holder
Driver Seat Mechanical with 3 point seat belt with headrest
Co-driver Retractable seat with seat belt
Dimensions (mm) +/- 10 mm  
OAW Front 2600
OAW Rear 2600
OAH with AC 3656
OAH w/o AC 3443
OAL 11995
Angle of approach (in degrees) 11.2°
Angle of departure (in degrees)
Saloon length 10385
Saloon width 2450
Saloon height 2010
Gangway / Aisle 520
External Panels  
Side panel Galvanised coated sheets
Hatches / Ventilators 2 nos, Mechanically operated
Roof panels Galvanised coated sheets
Front panel FRP fire retardant
Rear panel FRP fire retardant
Paint Solid paint - Glasurit
Internal Trims  
Side trim ABS fire retardant
Roof trim ABS or Carpet - fire retardant
Wood finish High quality wood finish
Floor Anti - skid fire retardant vinyl
Hat rack Open ABS hatrack with AC vents at service set and AC nozzles at hatrack aluminium section border lining
Luggage flaps Panthographic hinged with dual function handles
Luggage boot floor Vinyl flooring, anti skid fire retardant
Service sets with adjustable AC vent console, lights and speaker integrated, with service call switch, speaker switch and light switch
Front windshield Laminated
Side glass Toughened 5 mm with green tint
Rear windscreen Toughened 5 mm with green tint
Standard fitments  
AC type New Gen Parallel flow - Carrier AC 136(2), 32kW w/o heating,190kg, 6600Cu m/h
AC drive Engine driven
Special Air vents In front headers over driver and co-driver and on dashboard for driver and co-driver + air vents at rear header for seats/sleeping berth
Rear view mirror Electrically adjustable rear view mirror, mechanically adjustable bumper mirror with anti-fog.
Wiper Wide sweep, with inbuilt spray with approx. 10 litre tank.
Entertainment System DVD Player with 17 (at front header)and 15 (middle of bus length) LCD monitors
Speakers Integrated with service set
Driver area lamp Installed in the header above the driver
Stowage area for driver At cockpit and behind driver seat
Passenger entry lamps Yes - overhead spot at co-driver area.
Front Blinders/Sun visor on the Windshield 2 nos integrated in front header
Blinders/ Sun visor on the vanity panel 1 no. on LH, 1 no. on RH integrated in front header at beginning of hatrack
Electrical Equipment  
Head lamp 3 lamps on each side
Fog lamp 1 lamp on each side
Tail lamp Integrated cluster
Side Lamps & Blinkers Standard - 5 side markers each side + 1 blinker each side
Engine compartment 1 nos
Engine flap Illumination for license plate
Luggage compartment light Standard - 6 nos
Saloon lamps Longitudinal lamps with 3 functions - white light, yellow dim lights, blue night lights
Dashboard Soft touch, superior design, with functional indication for switches with illumination at night
Digital clock Yes with night illumination above 17 LCD screen at front header
Fire extinguishers 2 standard (engine compartment + driver cockpit)
Emergency hammers Yes - six units
Individual reading lamps Integrated with service set
Luggage space ( cu.m. )  
Saloon hat rack 0.9
Luggage compartment 10 approx
* Some of the media elements and related information visible on this website are sourced from the Mercedes Benz global media library and may reflect globally available products and optional equipments which may not be a part of the standard specifications. Products available in the Indian market may vary. Mercedes-Benz reserves the right to make changes to the design and specifications.

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