Monday, May 16, 2011

How to put Google Affilitate Network in your Blog

If you're new to Google Affiliate Network and not too familiar with making modifications to your blog's template, you can follow these instructions for placing Google Affiliate Network links in your blog's sidebar (using the Minima template as an example).
Once you sign up and are approved for a Google Affiliate Network account, you can sign in here to view your account. Once you're signed in, click the Links tab near the top of the page. Select which advertiser's links you want to work with, and then follow these steps:
  1. Choose your links - In the 'Links' section of your profile, select the advertiser whose links you want to use. Click Get Links in the Action drop down menu next to the advertiser's name. Click either the Text Links or the Image Links tab to view your options in each category. To fit ads in your sidebar, it's best to choose one of the following dimensions for an image link:
    Button (125x125) 
    Skyscraper (120x600) 
    Wide Skyscraper (160 x 600) 
    Vertical Banner (120 x 240) 
    Small Rectangle (180x150)
  2. Copy your Affiliate link HTML - Just beneath your desired link, click Get HTML. A box with code in it will appear. Highlight all of that code, then copy and paste it into Notepad, Text Edit, or a similar program.
  3. Sign in to Blogger - Choose the blog you want to put ads on and click the Template tab.
  4. Caution - Copy your entire Blogger template and save it in Notepad or Text Edit just in case.
  5. Find the place in your template that says:
    <!-- Begin #sidebar -->
    <div id="sidebar"><div id="sidebar2">
  6. Paste the Affiliate link HTML you saved earlier right beneath that place in the template:
    <!-- Begin #sidebar -->
    <div id="sidebar"><div id="sidebar2">
  7. Save your template changes and republish your blog.

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