Sunday, February 20, 2011

Tips to keep your hair longer - thinning hair in women

You have been aware that more hair than usual appears on the floor after a shower. Do you get worried or hope it is just a phase and will pass. If you suddenly notice a significant amount of hair is falling out then the very first thing to do is to visit your doctor.
You need to find out if there is any medical reason why you are experiencing sudden hair loss, and that can be hormonal changes due to pregnancy that will pass. If however there is now specific medical reason why your hair is thinning, then I have some tips to help you keep your hair for longer.
1. Stress - one of the biggest causes of problems in our bodies, and can also affect the hair. If you are in a stressful situation be it at home or work, then this could be causing your hair to come out. Look at what you can do to reduce stress in your life, more downtime or "you time" everyday will certainly help.
2. Diet - are you eating well and getting the right nutrients you body needs? This is also important if you have stress in your life. The right diet not only helps us to feel good, but provides our body with everything it needs to function properly. If you have been skipping meals, or eating too many meals on the run, then you are probably not getting enough of the right vitamin and minerals. Vitamin B group is helpful for good healthy hair.
3. Exercise - also important to help against stress. Exercise is important to maintain healthy shiny hair. Exercise helps to increase and improve circulation. Improv3ed circulation means more blood getting to the scalp which can lean to healthier hair. Healthy hair is strong hair.
4. Hair products - some hair care products have a harsh effect on the scalp and the hair follicles, which can damage the hair follicles and lead to thinner hair. To protect your hair always use gentle products. Heat from hair dryers used excessively can lead to damage to the hair strands. To keep you r hair looking healthier look for alternatives to heat treatments.
These tips will help you protect your hair, but will not stop thinning. There are products available to prevent the hair follicle from becoming damaged which leads to hair loss. These products like Rogaine which is applied to the scalp. These products have to be used continually. Hair loss will continue if the treatment is stopped.
The most effective tip I can give you, is to decide early to look after your hair. If you suspect your hair is thinning then take immediate action to maintain the hair you currently have for as long as possible. It is always easier to protect what you have than to replace lost hair.

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