Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Yahoo mail tips and tricks

Since the new version of Yahoo Mail Beta was released, I have been finding myself using it more often than GMail. The interface is slick and the use of tabs when opening messages is probably one of the best features compared to other web based email applications. Also the RSS feed views are far better that the clunky Web Clips with Google's GMail.
If you have been using Yahoo Mail and find yourself looking for some shortcuts, check out Download Squad web site for 11 tips and tricks. Of the eleven tips, you can find ways to:

  • Instantly add a contact to your address book by dragging a message.
  • Compose messages on the fly by pressing N or R to reply.
  • Holding CTRL lets you scroll through messages in folders without selecting each message.
  • Find text within a message by using CTRL+F (using the enter key allows you to scroll through each instance of the word within the message).
  • Mark all messages as read.
  • Keyboard shortcut keys for the Inbox: Ctrl + Shift + Up Arrow or Down Arrow – jump to messages in the same folder that have the same subject line: Ctrl + Shift + Alt + Up Arrow – choose another factor to filter on (such as flag) when using Ctrl + Shift to navigate.
  • Hide and show Preview Pane by pressing V.

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