Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Facts about Angel Falls

Angel Falls
ANGEL FALLS is the highest waterfall in the world!  This is what makes it such a wonder.  It is located on the Churun River of the Guiana Highlands in southeastern Venezuela. 
Believe it or not, Angel Falls was unkown to Venezuelans until the early 1930's.  With out the invention of the airplane (see pages on Airplane under Inventions of Man on this site) the Venezuelans might not have ever found Angel Falls.  The falls are only accessable by boat or aircraft because of steep slopes and thick jungle surrounding them.
Though discovered by the Venezuelans Angel Falls was named after James Angel.  He was an American adventurer who crashed his plane near the falls 2 years after they were discovered.

It is said the water appears to be leaping from a flat-topped plateau called Auyan-Tepui, which means "Devils Moutain".
Here are some other amazing facts about Angel Falls: 

  • The height of the longest uninterrupted drop is 2,640 feet (807 meters)
  • About 20 times higher than Niagra Falls
  • It stands 3,212 ft.(979 meters)
  • Is 500 ft (150 meters) wide at its base

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