Sunday, January 16, 2011

How to overcome your fear of ghosts

Talking Ghosts always make us afraid. Nobody can imagine how scary it can become when it comes to scaring the ghosts out of us.
The fact is that most people do not know what ghosts are. Some say they are negative energies; but what about the ghosts that friendly and do not want to scare you. Some say ghosts are illusions or the ones made out of our imaginations. But what really is a ghost? The best thing is to first know what they are and it all requires patience.
Many suspect that a ghost was recorded in the camera by them is just a camera trick. So people who say that the spirits do not exist, simply because they themselves have never seen; is something like explaining a polar bear was not there because they have not seen it.
Certainly, one should not force oneself to believe in it. People believe in spirits but are not sure if it exists in reality. Some claim to have seen figures dressed in white, tree (a child) and some even smell the fragrance mixed with flour or sometimes even of carcasses rotting.
The presence or absence of ghosts is up to ones own mind. A person will always be afraid of odds since it is all a mind game and a mind keeps on thinking constantly. There five basic ways to remove these fear of ghosts:
1. Change your mindset about what you are afraid of, for example: (Trust in yourself and try to bring beautiful thoughts in your mind).
2. Change your fear into rage (When you feel afraid, start kicking or hitting something constantly; this will help you divert your mind to some other part)
3. Change the paradigm of the existence of ghosts that are always on the doctrine of the films, stories, etc.
4. Put your faith in God to believe that man was created perfect, and other creatures live only in the nature, so there is no word that the ghosts would interfere with you because God will always be your role model.
5. Once again this probably is not how to eliminate fear of ghosts, but the fact is if it is a good ghost or rather a spirit it is not going to harm you and may need some help from you only; else if it is a bad one, you can try hard but there would be no use working out against it..
So, Good Luck…

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