Sunday, January 16, 2011

The best way to encourage yourself

Yes you can develop the ability to encourage yourself and increase your success in your life.  I  have found that the best way to encourage myself is to  set a goal for  myself, one which  I have a fairly good chance of success, and then getting it done to the best of my ability, and then wait for the results.  If I succeed, that will help to encourage me.  On the other hand, there are times I might not be successful, I didn't get that job, or my writing was not selected by the publisher, but that doesn't mean that by not fully succeeding, is not encouraging, I must be able to give myself credit  for trying in the first place. Here are some methods you can use to encourage yourself, while treating yourself like a good friend, treat yourself as someone who believes success is possible. Prepare for the goal before trying to reach it.
Success in life means you are willing to train or learn about the goal before you attempt it.  For example, if you wanted to run the 26 mile Boston Marathon, you would train for it by running 2-5 miles in the beginning, and when you reached 5 miles,  you would then set up your  goal reach l0-l2 miles, then l5-l7 miles, until you could reach  the full 26 mile course.  Success means you start training early enough so  you can be in the physical and mental conditioning shape run the course successfully. Keep a scrapbook  of your victories.
Make a scrapbook of past successes.
When you try over and over again to encourage yourself, and you mind is saying, this is too  hard, this is nearly impossible to do.  Then review in your own mind about other difficult things you did in your life, that you had doubts about completing, determine what helped you succeed on the key things you have accomplished in life.  Go to that scrapbook where you keep the ribbons, letters of achievements, photos of going of the finish line, and getting voted the most important person at work, getting a book published, or other successes.  You succeeded many times before, you can do it again. Key skills are critical.
Remind  yourself to use your key skills.
Never give up.  You cannot waste your skills, talents and abilities by lacking the encouragement to use them.  Know what you offer this world, and what you can do better than most people.  If you can give a good speech, take advantages to speak  to the service clubs, business clubs, and even teach a course at the community college in your area.  You are special, give yourself a pat on the back to try things and succeed. Let's sum up.
Summary.  You have more to offer than you realize, be willing to take chances, try things that excite,motivate, and pump yourself up, and then plan, train, and get it done.  The  rewards to  you will be a higher self confidence whether or not you fully succeed, the success is the willingness to try your passions, the things you do well, and offer them to  the world.  The world needs your efforts and your accomplishments. Never stop  encouraging yourself.   You are special.  Go for it now.    

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