Saturday, January 15, 2011

How to increse your memory power

Here is one simple question?
How many of you can remember your close or dearest friend’s Phone number?
If you did, Can you remember one more of your close pal’s Phone number.
The best part is most of us are used to high tech gadgets like the cell Phones or the PDA or the iphone (very usable one)
Just to point out when you had your land line Phones (when no mobile Phones were around), how many of you were able to remember your friends Phone number.
I remember my school days where I had everyones phone number on my finger tips. Why did we remember them, because the land line phones which existed long ago didn’t have memory to store all of the contact list.

We forgot to exercise our brains, when we got used to the high tech gadgets.

Now here is the simple tip to exercise your brains, or an easy way to increase your memory power. Just follow few steps
  1. Jot down all the contact information from your mobile phones to phone book or your diary.
  2. Erase all your contact list information from your mobile phones
  3. Every time you make a call, read the numbers loud and dial them on your mobile or your land line phones
Believe me you are about to remember your phone numbers with out even looking in to your Phone book or diary
Next tip: follow these simple tips
We all have multiple bank accounts, so why not benefit out of that.
  1. Write the bank name and the account number, in case you have internet access write down the username and the passwords and the contact number of the phone by bank . Write it couple of times, or during lunch breaks or even after having sex
  2. repeat the same for 5 day
  3. follow the same for your other bank accounts
  4. follow the same for your credit cards and their Ipin, hpin and tpin numbers and the phone number mentioned on the credit card
The next time you talk to your bank. You already remember the phone number and the account details at your finger tips, you will save lot of time messing around to pick the papers and credit or debit cards to find out the information, when the representative is requesting you over the phone. Believe me, with in few seconds of the conversation she knows you are the one who belong to the account and your request are done right away, because you are confident in answering them and prompt, no searching…
Well in case of missing or theft, you know what number to call and how to block your credit and debit cards in a jiffy.
BTW, If you loose your mobile phone, you don’t have to worry, atleast about your contact list information.
One more hot tip: When you look at your friends car or motor bike, just note down his vehicle number and try to read it loud in your inner mind, couple of times. The next time you see your friends vehicle in a parking lot. You know for sure, your friend is around. Call him, who knows you may have get together and a loud party.
Summary: So what are the ways we learned to remember or increase our memory power
  1. reading it loud
  2. writing on a paper repeatedly
  3. reading it loud in your mind
sounds like we joined the kids to learn things their way

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