Thursday, September 1, 2011

Bodyguard Movie Review

Writer-Director: Siddique, Actors: Salman Khan, Kareena Kapoor etc.
Salman Khan’s Bodyguard is a debacle unless you are one of his blind worshipers in a packed cinema hall who would whistle and clap at his every move. The film is disdainful to your sensibility and unfortunately even lacks any entertainment value; if in-your-face risqué dialogues and bosom-bottom jokes still manage to titillate you, it’s quite another thing.
It takes you merely the few first scenes to be able to predict the entire film. But who watches such a film for plot anyway? It is a case of a star outgrowing the very medium that lent him expression and desperately trying to repeat success through his body language, trademark dance movements and tacky one liners—‘mujh par ek ehsaan karna, ki mujh par koi ehsaan naa karna (Do me a favour, that never do me a favour)’ is the one here.   He is introduced in the film as bodyguard Lovely Singh with an extravagant dance number which also features Katrina Kaif. The predicament of Bodyguard is that every polished stunt and every glossy song it contains is to underline the aura around the star instead of contributing to the story. One has to carefully avoid calling him an actor because his face retains the same expression irrespective of whether he is dabbling in romance or action.
Sartaj Rana (Raj Babbar) is the strongman of a town who had once saved the life of Lovely Singh’s mother when she was pregnant with him. Bodyguard Lovely Singh remains indebted to Sartaj Rana all his life and takes up the duty of body-guarding his daughter Divya (Kareena Kapoor) who is a management student. Divya is seemingly annoyed at having a bodyguard by her side every moment but to anybody’s guess, it hardly takes her a few days to fall in love with her bodyguard in the most unconvincing of ways. Bodyguard Lovely Singh, humbled by his sense of duty is oblivious to all this and doesn’t have an inkling that the girl he has fallen for over phone is none other than his madam Divya. However, the film has multiple climaxes and one feat the film achieves is to surprise you when you expect the lovers to be united in the end. The only thought that has gone into the film has been to craft a prolonged climax which is not simplistic as one would assume it to be.
It is hard to come by characters in a film who have been relegated to caricatures of a such a lamentable status. The film breezes past you in such a superficial way that it will be more befitting to label it a commercial for a bodyguard (read Salman Khan) than cinema. Or then it can be said that the writer-director has done a bad patchwork of stitching together stunts and songs, held loosely by scenes that have neither depth nor any thought for his characters. All that Kareena Kapoor is made to do throughout the film is show off Manish Malhotra outfits and is confined to girly giggles and tears in the name of a role.
The sets add to the incongruity and dubiousness of the film. The climactic fight which starts at Divya’s bungalow shifts to an old fortress midway which provides a more picturesque setting for it and a park in the film looks fake to a ridiculous extent! There have been attempts to add humour in the film at the expense of an obese servant called Tsunami, a sexy maid by the name of Savita and a dwarf classmate of Divya. The elements in the film are not just hackneyed, but date back to some fifteen years when one could still manage a laugh or two at such an endeavor.
There have been so many star-studded Hindi films with tremendous popular appeal as well as a decent storyline. This one is a dud which not just fails to impress on all counts, but emerges as a desperate attempt of one man who acquired a larger-than-life status now trying to be even larger-than-cinema. If you venture out to watchBodyguard on his pretext, make sure you leave not just your cinematic sensibility, but also your senses at home which can otherwise be assaulted upon.

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