Saturday, August 6, 2011

Apple places order for 15 million iphone 5 handsets
The most awaited and hotly anticipated Apple’s next generation iphone, iphone 5 has gone into production. Apple has ordered the production of 15 million iphone 5 handsets and the speculation is completely focused on exactly when and what the Cupertino based company will do in regard to the launch of its next generation iphone. Apple hasn’t yet issued any official statement regarding its next generation iphone, we don’t even know what it is going to be called officially.
DigiTimes reported that Pegatron,Taiwan-based tech manufacturer has won the contract to begin production of 15 million new iphone for a September sales launch. But the company made no comment about the report.
DigiTimes also reported that the next generation iphone, iphone 5 doesn’t seem to have any major update from iphone 4 but it is already set for shipment in September. The report indicates that the parts are already being supplied to the Taiwan based company, Pegatron  from the plants in Shanghai, China and the company is hiring new people to meet the production demand.
Minor updates for the forthcoming iphone 5 from Apple’s iphone 4, are expected to include an A5 processor, a better camera with steel casing instead of glass casing used with the iphone 4.
15 million iphone 5 units!!  sounds like a great deal — Isn’t it?? Traditionally Apple is a little tight on the orders to start with and then increases up the production once its gadgets are on sale.
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