Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs In INDIA In 2009-10

1. A career in a top notch company in the Management cadre: If you are lucky, perseverant and hardworking and are able to get into one of the IIMs then the sky will be the limit for you. The moment you graduate from one of these schools then the minimum salary that you can expect is 7 to 8 lakhs. And if you get a job abroad then you will be paid in millions.
CA2. Chartered Accountant or a CFA: All the companies around however big or small need someone to write their books of accounts and keep them handy when the tax man comes calling. Hence there are always jobs available for financial wizards. Once you have got the nuances of accounting you could keep on adding to your qualifications and with that you can increase the number of zeros added to your pay packet each year.

drill3. Off shore drilling: You will be surprised to learn that the Government of India has a monopoly over the profits generated by ONGC in offshore drilling. And anywhere that there is monopoly there is big bucks involved. Huge salaries and plenty of perks is what you should look forward to if you join this bandwagon.

IT sector4. The IT Sector: The IT Sector has been the sunrise industry since a long time. Salaries paid are touching the sky by the day. Today’s business world cannot do without computers and hence people in this sector have jobs which are recession proof.

SW5. Software programmers and Certified Computer professionals: These two professions command high salaries and companies are willing to pay. A software programmer can fetch up to 12 lakhs per annum easily. Computer professionals can join a company or set up a coaching institute and they will see money rolling in faster than they can open an excel sheet.

medical6. The medical profession: Doctors are always in demand. Those who have a private practice and have earned a name for themselves can really rule the roost where earnings are concerned. Specialization in a specific field and your earnings further increase. Surgeons command unheard of respect and monetary figures to match them. Even dentists with various branches are not left out in this race to earn.

lawyer7. Lawyers and Advocates: Once you establish yourself then you can command the fee that your heart desires. Their earning potential definitely transports them to the top bracket.

poli8. Politicians: Our politicians are the ones who have tremendous power, clout and goddess Lakshmi on their side. They have no educational qualifications or age limits to adhere to.

sports9. Sportspersons: Once they have made their mark in their field then the world is at their field. Advertisements are a second option to generate more money.

10. Actors: An actor has all the adulation and money to fall back on however, short their career span is. They are the most highly paid of individuals.

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