Monday, April 4, 2011

Top 10 animated movies you must watch

Animation has grown immensely over the years and has made animated movies very popular.
1. Toy Story
This movie was computer generated and was the first of its kind. While the plot was interesting and the humor worked well with the audiences, the characters were lovable and endearing. All in all, a great movie.
2. The Aristrocats
Even though this movie was not as well accepted as the rest mentioned on this list, it is definitely among the best. The story is charming and sweet while the soundtrack is beautiful. The main characters include a delightful rogue and a devious butler.

3. The Prince of Egypt
This movie is based on Moses and is mentioned here because of its originality. His relationship with Pharaoh has been portrayed in an interesting manner and will appeal to the audience. One particular dream sequence in the movie is fabulous and will leave you amazed.
4. Bambi
Whoever has a loving heart out there is bound to love this animated film. While it is not as funny as most animations, it is extremely touching and very sweet. One particular character played by a skunk is particularly cute and you will find yourself falling in love with it!
5. Toy Story 2
The sequel to the first movie was quite well accepted but not as loved as the first one. The characters make fun of a number of movies which will make you laugh hysterically. The Martians in the movie are adorable and will make you want to watch the movie on repeat! A must watch, undoubtedly.
6. Ice Age
The animation in this film was extraordinary and the story was unique and funny. Some moments were extremely witty and if you watch it on DVD- you will find yourself pressing Pause several times just to be able to laugh without missing anything!

7. Antz
This movie is quite popular amongst kids and adults alike. However, if you are not familiar with the basics of Marxism and Communism, you will enjoy the humor but you will not get the undercurrents that have been slipped in. Antz covers issues that are socio-political in nature and does a great job. After Animal Farm, this film looked into satire from a unique point of view. While the animation is not as remarkable as some of these movies, it is still quite decent. The fact that Woody Allen lends his voice just adds to it all!
8. Dumbo
The crows in this movie are hilarious and will make you tear-up with uncontrollable laughter. The jokes may be slightly slapstick but they’re still funny. However, the plot is quite touching which is why you can watch this movie almost every day! Unless of course, you don’t have a heart.
9. A Bug’s Life
A Bug’s Life is funny, the animation is remarkable and the characters are great too. When you watch this movie, you may find yourself wondering where you’ve seen it before as it is slightly similar to Antz. However, it is lighter and will sit well with the babies!
10. Finding Nemo
This movie is adorable and you will find yourself rooting for Marlin as he looks for his son, Nemo. The animation is beyond amazing and the film is both funny and touching. Dory is one of the cutest animated characters you will ever come across and will make you want to pick her up and hug her! Almost all the characters are endearing, from the sharks to the Australian turtles to the creatures in the aquarium.

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