Friday, January 14, 2011

Tips and Tricks to increase the pageviews of your blog

In addition to the number of visitors / unique visitors per day, page views are also often used as indicators of the success of a blog. Page views is a measure of the number of pages a website which a visitor. There are many reasons why the number of page views are considered important, one of which is more and more opportunities for monetization on the pages that have a high page impressions. Besides using SEO methods, there are several ways to increase page views every article of our blog?

1. Interlink each article
Interlink in the post to be one of many ways used to increase page views. Effective interlinking between articles based on tags / keywords, and the level of relevance between the articles, because if readers are interested in one article, may also be interested in articles related matters.

2. Displays a list of ‘Related Posts’
Almost the same as interlinking, but the post-post-related featured in a separate list (for example under the article). Adding a list of related articles is easy to use WordPress Related Posts plugin.

3. Writing an article series
Writing an article series is also an effective trick to increase pageviews. This article series is able to ‘lead’ the reader to follow a single articles to further articles. This article is usually a series of effective tutorials, for example Tutorial How to Create Your Own WordPress Theme.

4. Write articles compilation
If you often writes quality articles on a blog, why not mengompilasikannya in the form of a list in one post? For example, a list of articles titled “20 Best Articles Bloggingly Year 2009″ will probably attract visitors to open the whole article that we deliberately highlighted to reading the end of 2009. Or if you like to write a topic of SEO, it would be better if at a certain period into a single article we compile a list of handy tips and tricks tutorials about SEO.

5. Use the sidebar to display a list of the best articles per category
This method is widely used in niche blogs that limit themselves to some specific sub-category. For example NavinoT, on sidebarnya we can see a list of articles grouped under separate categories, such as Web & Internet, Startup, Short Notes, and Backstages. With sidebar format like that, the number of page views is likely to grow in the presence of post-post list is highlighted in a separate category.

6. Excerpt format at feed
There are two formats in the most popular type of feed, RSS, namely full and Excerpt. Excerpt Should choose the format that displays only partially fill the post, because the RSS reader can not help but also likely will open the source of the article to read it thoroughly. But that does not mean full RSS format will reduce the number of visits to the blog-we never discussed the comparison of both formats and gain full feed display format to the reader.

7. Give the newsletter service
Services newsletter, autoresponder, or e-mail marketing is the secret of the pro bloggers who have been successful in blogging and make money online. This service is utilized to provide specific updates periodically to the reader to subscribe. When compared with the RSS feed or email subscription service via regular articles, newsletters may be more interesting because we can write its own content-for example in the form of an invitation for new customers to read our old articles, and if they want added to the bid-related affiliate product The post will certainly add a distinct advantage other than pageviews. Email newsletters can we make with paid autoresponder software such as AWeber and FeedBlitz (capital out a little)

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