Wednesday, January 19, 2011

HP Tricks and Tips

Great tips and tricks specifically for HP devices all without installing any new applications or doing any reg edits.


  • Get Album Art (easy way):
  1. Make sure that your mp3 file has an artist album photos on your PC
  2. Transfer your mp3 songs by using "sync" function in your desktop Windows Media Player.
  3. Click and drop the mp3 songs that you want to transfer into the "sync list" in your windows media player
  4. Hit the "start sync" button
  • Get Album Art (slightly more difficult way):
  • Enable the view of hidden files on your PC
  • you should be able to select the album arts on the file explorer
  • copy them along with the music folder towards the device.
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Organizing the Program Menu

  • This will help you organize the program menu so that you do not have to scroll or search extra for the application you want!
  1. Open File Explorer
  2. Go to my device/windows/start menu/programs
  3. In here you can create a new folder or move your applications into any existing folder.
  4. If you want to create a new folder, you can just tap the "menu" then select "new folder".
  5. Likewise creating new folder, moving application in the programs directory to a new folder that had already created could be done by tap and hold the file that you want to move and select "cut".
  6. Now, if you want to drop the file that you had just cut into the new folder, you need to enter the new folder and tap menu, edit, "paste".
  7. After finish editing or creating file name or folder, you can close your file explorer and check it in Start, Programs. Now you are done!
  8. Note you can [[Renaming Folders| rename folders for further organization]

Renaming Folders

  • Tap and hold on your desired folder, then choose "rename".

Turning the LED light OFF

  • Turn the LED light off when using wireless:
  1. Click here to Download the TaskMgr cab file fromDotfred
  2. Install the cab onto your iPAQ by locating it on your iPAQ and clicking on it.
  3. Open TaskMgr, click on the drop down arrow in the top-right corner, and choose RegEdit.
  4. Click on the binoculars located on the bottom row, Search for "nled" in the Find What box, and click on Find
  5. Double-click on the NLed key, click on the right most icon on the bottom row to hide the Find Results, and click on Dll
  6. Rename Dll to Dllx and hit the enter key
  7. Click on Menu, Actions, Soft Reset
  • Congratulations. The next time you surf wirelessly, the bright LED will not come on.
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Writing Right to Left

  • When trying to register to some 3rd party Software you're unable to type the registration code or it's not accepted:
  • Use one of the programs that allow you to boot in safe mode (like monocube SafeMode) and then you can safely register. After registering boot to normal mode and you're done!
  • Works on HP iPAQ rx3715 (and all Win Mobile 2003se)

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