Tuesday, January 11, 2011

how to lose weight at home

Best Ways To Lose Weight At Home
There are 8 Simple Rules for getting the gorgeous body that would make heads turn. Follow these easy exercises to lose weight at home. Here you go!

How To Lose Weight At Home - Rule No. 1
The Rule No. 1 states, that you need to stop watching the idiot box in front of you. Yes, the television set in front of you in the worst possible idea for recreation. Pack it up and place it safely in some corner of your house. Keeping away from the TV set is the best exercise to lose weight at home. Step out of your house for recreation. Walking, jogging, playing with your children or pets, participating in outdoor sports, weekend trekking and mountain climbing are the easy ways to lose weight outside home.

How To Lose Weight At Home - Rule No. 2
The Rule No. 2 orders you to do your laundry by yourself. Washing clothes is the best way to lose weight at home. Forward and backward bending can be improved very well by washing clothes at home. Doing your own laundry stretches the extra unwanted flab and reduces the lousy love handles. Washing clothes will also strengthen the arms and tone them up.

How To Lose Weight At Home - Rule No. 3
The Rule No. 3, wants you to knead the dough at home. Don't use a food processor, this time and every time henceforth, knead the dough all by yourself. Stomach muscles are used while kneading the dough. Lose weight quickly at home by kneading dough regularly for cooking. This is one of the best exercises to do at home. Losing weight would never have seemed sweeter!

How To Lose Weight At Home - Rule No. 4
Rule No. 4 explains why you must climb the stairs and not order some one to fetch things for you. Any qualified gym instructor will tell you that climbing stairs is the best cardiovascular exercise that you do to keep your heart and legs in shape. Tone up the flab on the thighs by taking the stairs, this will strengthen the muscles, shed the extra pounds and make them stronger.

How To Lose Weight At Home - Rule No. 5
Rule No. 5 will focus on a complete exercise for your body. Mowing your lawn is the best way to lose weight at home fast. It exercises your arms, abs, legs and back. Think about it. Mowing your lawn for two months will save you a few extra dollars to buy a sexy slim fitting dresses once you get the lean built.

How To Lose Weight At Home - Rule No. 6
Rule No. 6 is a fun Sunday activity. Sundays are the days, when you want to lay back and read the Lazy Sunday Book, sipping your cuppa coffee. Never mind! Anytime during the day, wash your car thoroughly with soap and water. This again is the fabulous exercise to tone up the body and still have fun. To make it interesting, burn a CD of your favorite songs and plug it on while washing your car.

How To Lose Weight At Home - Rule No. 7
Rule No. 7 is mopping the floor. Don't shrug off this fabulous opportunity to turn those flabs into abs. Take a complete advantage of it so that you lose weight quickly at home. Roll up your sleeves and get started to clean the floor.

How To Lose Weight At Home - Rule No. 8
Rule No. 8, the last one, enough of cleaning and exercising the rudimentary way. Rule No. 8 lets you have a little treat after all that hard work. Jazz up your bedroom for the night of a lifetime. Bring on those sensual black satin covers and light up the seductive vanilla candles. Get all naughty and sweaty between the covers. It's an age old formula of losing weight, use it now!

Disclaimer: Rule No. 8 is only meant for couples.

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