Thursday, January 20, 2011

Tips for beginners in Firefox

For Beginners

Zoom In, Zoom Out

Tired of tiny text? Want to see an image a little more up close and personal? Now you can easily zoom in and out of Web pages.
Zoom In - ctrl +" +"
Zoom Out - ctrl + "-"
Zoom Reset - ctrl + "0"

Try These Tab Tricks

If you’re the type of person who likes to have a lot of Web pages open at the same time, you’ll definitely benefit from tabbed browsing. Here are some keyboard shortcuts that will help you master tabs:
Open a new empty tab - Ctrl + T
Open a link in a new tab - Middle Click on link
Close a tab - Ctrl + W
Reopen a closed tab - Ctrl + Shift + T

Add Bookmarks With a Single Click

Keep better track of the sites you like (and save time) with one-click bookmarking. When you visit a page you’d like to remember, just click on the star icon in the location bar. Firefox will add it to your bookmarks list so you can easily find it again.

Know Who You’re Dealing With

A common tactic among Web scammers is to set up fake sites, known as phishing sites, that impersonate your bank, your favorite e-commerce site, etc. Luckily, Firefox makes it easy to determine if sites are what they say they are – just click on the site icon for an instant identity overview.
An attack site or forgery; giving this site your personal information, or even visiting it, may be harmful.
Forgery screenshot
 Security IconThe site provides verified identity information and protects your personal data from online eavesdroppers.
 Security IconThe site provides basic identity information and protects your personal data from online eavesdroppers.
 Security IconThe site doesn't provide any identity information.

Shortcut Your Way to Success

Firefox is full of keyboard shortcuts designed to make your life easier. Here are a few of our favorites:
Move cursor to the location bar  - Ctrl + L
Move cursor to the search box  - Ctrl + K
Scroll down the page - Spacebar
Refresh Page - Ctrl + R
Scroll up the page - shift + spacebar
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